Tuesday, April 30, 2013

little things that make me smile...

There are certain things in life that I cannot keep from smiling about. To some they may seem like silly things. To me, they mean the world.


...making friends with a brown squirrel on the walk across campus
...signing up for music lessons because I can
...seeing little Teddy run up to me when I get home and snuggle as close to me as he can (he does that to no one else)
...hearing birds singing in the morning sunshine
...watching a butterfly skim the grass on colorful wings
...feeling Adam run his fingers through my hair (I don't know why I love that so much)
...looking outside and seeing the little ones playing in the backyard or snuggling up close in their kennel
...sitting on the kitchen floor under the light of the stove drowning Oreos in milk (because that is the closest I will ever come to murder)
...snuggling down in warm covers, pillows, and teddy bears after a long day at school and work
...hugging daddy
...receiving kisses and cuddles from Misty and Molly when I visit my parents' house
...driving with the windows down and the music turned up
...walking through grocery stores for fun
...getting a soft kiss on the forehead
...eating a big bowl of freshly baked brownies with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup on top with my special spoon
...being held close enough and long enough to hear heartbeats synchronizing
...talking to a long time friend and realizing how much you can learn about a person by listening, even after years of conversations
...drinking a cup of horchata in the spring, a glass of strawberry lemonade in the summer, a tumbler of herbal tea in the fall, a mug of        cinnamon hot chocolate in the winter
...laughing until your cheeks hurt and your sides ache from the giggles
...climbing a tree barefoot
...playing on the kids' jungle gym at the complex park even though you're a grown-up and your boyfriend barely fits on the swings
...gazing at the stars - or the clouds - or the clear blue sky
...opening a package, a parcel, a letter, addressed to you
...baking cookies late at night with someone you love
...cooking dinner for more than one person
...washing dishes in such a way that it becomes an all-out water war (but don't get it on the carpet)
...kissing good-night, soft and sweet and promising tomorrow

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