Saturday, April 27, 2013

furry friends...

I might have a slight obsession with Build-a-Bear teddies. I mean, it's not like I have a billion of them. This morning, though, I did notice that I have more than two.

At my parents' house, I have Cowboy (a black lab), Charlene (a cream teddy), and Sonya (a cheetah). They now live in the box in the corner with my other stuffed animals. Yes, I did cry when I put them all away.

Captain Abearica, Princess, Adi Bear, Buddy (from Ikea), April, and Desear all sleep on my bed with me. Desear is the newest member of the family. Her name means 'to wish' in Spanish. Basically, she's the my-boyfriend-broke-up-with-me bear. That and she's adorable. I mean, look.

She's pink, purple, and light blue. Like cotton candy colors. Plus her fur is so incredibly soft. And she has a fairy dress. How could I say no?

Oh, I could have easily said no. I'm totally rationalizing in the dumbest ways possible to cover up for my 'I HAVE TO HAVE IT' moment when I saw her. Kind of like with my other bears (or bunnies).

Bad, bad.

Moving back to my parents' home might be a good thing, because I won't get pushed out of the full bed like I do the twin here at my house.

I's beary happy to have my new friend.

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