Saturday, June 1, 2013


What is it about us that makes us so violent?
Not in an every-single-person-in-the-world-is-going-to-buy-a-gun-and-kill-innocent-people kind of way, but in an oh-my-gosh-I-suck
kind of way.

Imagine. Imagine
lie you have ever told yourself as a
fist slamming against your soul.


I am not a violent person. I cried when I hit a bird while driving, and I cried harder when I saw a mother hit her little boy at the zoo. I can't kill spiders, both out of fear and out of sorrow for crushing them. I can't tell someone how I think because I'm afraid I'll hurt the person's feelings. I don't like conflict of any kind -- yet conflict has entrenched itself in my brain.

My soul is black and blue with lies.

Black and blue, splotched and scarred. A jumbled residue of impact over a decade.

It began one morning when I looked in the mirror and became aware of myself as flawed -- as imperfect. No longer the little angel who thought only about ponies and princes and puffy ball gowns. No longer daddy's princess and mommy's little helper.
It began one morning and it



I would say that mirrors are the culprit -- with no mirror, no reason to pick things apart. But it's
more than a mirror.

It's the mind.

The mind recognizing self as lesser,
seeing pictures and programs of better, of ideal.
Of perfect.

The mind believing those things -- believing the lies and accepting them as fact. The mind punching and smacking and hurting
the soul in which it resides.

The soul is strong -- so is the mind.
Battered, battered souls and shattered, shattered minds -- why?

Why are we so destructive? Why do we kill and kill what we are in favor of what we think we should be? Because think we should be may never be who we are -- or who we are meant to be.

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Brianna Jean said...

I can't tell you exactly why we are destructive, but I can tell you that I have grown out of being self-destructive.
I have taken myself for who I am, full of the mistakes, the flaws, and the crap. It is who I am and each day that I at least try and learn from the situations and people around me, I think that I am accomplishing something great.
I think we forget that we are human, who are meant to be imperfect, until we die. Even then there will be learning.
We have to see ourselves as learning individuals; students. We can't see ourselves as someone else, or wanting to be someone else. We just need to love ourselves and be ok with who we are. Because God made us that way, and God does not make mistakes.
We all make mistakes as people, but we are not mistakes.