Monday, June 17, 2013

questions I'd ask Harry Potter if he were real...

Dear Harry,

Did Voldemort become a pile of ash because he no longer had a soul which could inhabit his body, and so disintegrated because it couldn't hold itself up anymore?

Why did the Elder wand snap so easily? I mean, it's the Elder wand. It's basically the greatest weapon ever created, but it snapped like nobody's business. Why?

Why are you wizard folk so against the Killing Curse? It appears to be the most humane magical method for killing a person during a battle. And seeing as killing people happens frequently, you know -- turning someone to a stone-like substance and blowing her to smithereens seems unnecessary.

Will Teddy Lupin become the next wizarding world hero? Because he does have almost the same circumstances of being orphaned, he has a special power, and he's your godson, Harry. So...all of the implications are just there.

WHY did Hermione pick Ron? She is way too smart and too classy for him. But that's a stupid question -- you don't always choose who you fall in love with. It just happens.

How come you guys didn't stupefy Nagini and then chop her head off with the sword or stab her with a fang? Tossing rocks at her and waiting to take a swing at her with a four-inch long tooth seems pretty dumb when you're holding a magic stick.

Harry Potter. You had the Elder wand, the Resurrection stone, AND the cloak of Invisibility. You could have been the master of Death because with the cloak, Death never would have found you, and neither could anyone else. BUT you snapped the wand, you dropped the stone, and you held onto the cloak. Either you're super noble, or you're super stupid.

I have other questions. But I'm too much of a fan to ask them -- I don't want to ruin it for myself.

a confused Muggle

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