Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bored silly...

I am so bored. Really. Why am I bored? Because I can't DO anything. After two crazy weeks of vacation and Education Week (which, may I say, was amazing), I am back to being stuck in bed or on the couch, or at least sitting down.

This is hard. It's really, really hard! The only thing that keeps me from throwing my hands up in frustration is the promise that I'll be well. I know what is happening to me (ish) and I know why and I know it will end--but I don't know WHEN it will end.

In the mean time, I'm bored. School is back in session, and I am the only one in my family not going this semester. My sisters are gone, mom is getting ready to start school on Monday, dad is at work. It's lonely, being sick! Thank goodness for my little dog. She's quite the cuddly fluff ball, let me tell ya. And there is something to look forward to: LDC starts on Monday! If I can get out of bed to attend...*sigh*.

What do you do when you're bored and can't get to a library? Thoughts? Suggestions? Come visit me? ;)

It could be worse. I'm actually really lucky, you know. Having the knowledge that it will get better gives me such hope, and it's keeping me going. Having my family helps, too--they're so helpful and they make it a lot easier. Sometimes it's the boredom that's the worst.

LDC starts in less than a week. Happiness. :)

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Q said...

You blog when you're bored silly. ;)

I don't have time to visit atm, but maybe sometime...