Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday I rediscovered the joy of feeding ducks. They're such funny creatures. I wish that I'd thought to take my camera! It wasn't planned to go feed the ducks though, at least not for me. I'd decided to be adventurous and leave the house for an hour or so with a friend to go see a movie, but that plan ended when some other friends invited both of us to go with them to the park. It made me feel really good that they wanted me to come, even though I could only watch. I know I probably wasn't much fun to be around (my body was pretty upset with me for leaving the bed), and they wanted me around anyway.

It was great to be with Jason, Morgan, and Ruthie again. Morgan was in town for the afternoon, and Ruthie got back from England about a week ago. The girls are leaving this weekend for school again, so it was really nice to spend some time with them before they both head out for the semester. And Jason is quite the gentleman. I give him a hard time, and I think I tease him too much. more thing to change. :)

Ducks are weird. They're quite fascinating, you know, all feathered and web footed, floating on the water above all the weeds and grasses. Sometimes they're pretty mean to each other. They group together and gang up on one or two smaller or weaker ducks, or ducks of another color (there was a group of about 6 white ducks that only like white ducks. Jason and Morgan call them the Duck KKK). Kind of like people, in a way--we all want the same things, to be included and secure and have our needs taken care of, but we chase others away from our "groups". Not all people do that, but some.

And there I go, turning an outing to throw bread crumbs at ducks into a comparison on the social habits of human beings.

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