Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Here's the rub:

I'm stressed, I'm scared, and I'm exhausted. I've eaten too many peanut M&M's, I've contributed nothing to my class study guide except reformatting sections (because let's face it -- some of them were a little scary), and I've scared my dogs because I keep bursting into tears. I have no idea how to study for this exam, I don't know what to expect (because my professor so kindly said that if he told us to prepare for multiple choice or essays or matching that the fun of the exam would be ruined), and I have a horrible feeling that I'm not going to be prepared no matter what I do.

In short, I despise English 251.

Mostly, though, I hate being alone.


Q said...

Oh, that's just MEAN. Why would your prof DO that?!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Because he thinks he's awesome. I do know that most of it is essay based, but we don't know how many questions there are, how we're supposed to answer them, or if there's anything else we need to be ready for on the exam. Jerk.