Tuesday, May 29, 2012


For having been caught by a rather flooring cold (because I didn't catch that thing -- there is no way I would ever voluntarily reach out and grab any bug, let alone one as disgusting as this one), I've gotten a lot done this weekend:

...I've cleaned my room so well that you can see almost the entire floor
...almost all of my clothes are put neatly into the closet (minus the ones that need to be ironed)
...I've boxed up the winter clothes (which I find I might need because it's actually been rather cold)
...I finished my FAFSA application
...written an outline for my 251 project
...started up a skeleton blog site for aforementioned project
...written three papers for my internship
...compiled a couple of different music lists of various genres for workouts
...I planned workouts (!!!)
...began working on a budget for The Move
...selected cupcake recipes to practice before I take them to the writing center to share
...went to the library and braved the deathly still fifth floor to find research materials for the project

So yes, I've been productive. I've been motivated and I've made progress. And after all of that...I only have one question:

WHY am I suddenly in tears?!

I don't get it. See, it's one of those times where I feel so very sad, but I don't understand why. I can't explain it, so I can't talk about it. I write things out (a friend told me I'm very good at writing what I'm thinking) and there's no connection. It's just this dumb feeling that has no logical explanation.

Well. That's that. I'm going to make cupcakes. Maybe. This project kinda takes precedence...

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spider said...

Wow. You accomplished a lot. And I thought wandering up to the high school to visit my old teachers counted as productive...

I know everyone's different, but when I'm slightly sick, I tend to get incredibly emotional for no reason. I figure that physical and mental health are really closely linked, so there might not be any other reason for it. In any case, I hope you feel better soon!