Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a to the venge...

Ann and I went to see The Avengers the day after it came out. I didn't go to the midnight showing because I acted like a grown-up and went to bed because I had school the next day (stupid school). Since it was a special occasion, we splurged on blue raspberry Icees, popcorn, Sangria, chocolate covered pomegranate seeds (Ann hates them), and Avengers temporary tattoos. My Captain America shield on my collar bone was quite awesome, as were our ribbons: Ann's was for Thor and mine was for the Captain.

Super excited fan girls. No big deal.

Since then I have been multiple times, each time with different people. If you guess more than two, you're right. If you guess less than seven, you're also right. However, that is likely to change...so after seeing it several times, here is what I have to say:

First, that the movie is super entertaining. For an action-packed film it was surprisingly hilarious! Second, Captain America is just a good guy. Third, there isn't really a weak performance in the whole film. Fourth, there are some pretty interesting symbols in the film, if you know where to look for them. Linnea in her Loki colors and I in my blue America hoodie shirt saw it tonight (we also splurged because pay day was on Friday...pretzels, popcorn, Coke Zero, the works) in a nearly empty theater and discussed many of those points while we watched.

I liked the movie because it was fun, fast paced, full of clever dialogue, includes interesting allusions to other films and, if you look for it, spiritual things (and my literature/theory professors think I can't analyze), and had characters you could actually root for. Yes, Steve Rogers steals my attention every time, but each character has an interesting story and a key role in the events. There are things I would have liked to see more of in the storytelling (like less Iron Man and more Captain America and Thor), but overall I really liked it and I would recommend it to audiences who like a fast moving story with interesting twists and turns (and a great villain).

In short, if you're looking for a stellar plot with great character development, eh, not so great. BUT if you want to see some bad guys get their butts kicked, heroes banter back and forth with wit so quick you can't help but laugh out loud, and some pretty intense, dizzying in a good way special effects -- in my opinion, it can be classified as a good movie. Assembly complete. Avengers unite. Yay!

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