Thursday, May 31, 2012

taking a(nother) break...

This theory project (I call it the Beast) is just one frustration after another. Luckily it isn't officially due until next Friday. A completed draft is expected tomorrow, but as my professor put hypothetical quotation marks around the word completed and then said to at least "bring stuff," I'm inclined to take him very seriously.

It's all just frustrating. Finding enough time to get things all finished is ridiculously difficult (two jobs, the internship, other homework from the same class, maybe getting some sleep, trying to stay on top of the Move stuff). So is getting things to work out on the blog (that's what my project format is). No matter how I try to get it to work, the formatting gets messed up. I'll probably have to retype everything into each post because copy-paste isn't behaving. I even tried editing the HTML, but no go.

And so here I am, surrounded by books, papers, pens, stacks of notes, cords for technological things, my school bag, and my sketchbook (which I no longer sketch in). I've got 60 pages of reading to do before class tomorrow, plus messing with my project blog. Sleeping isn't a very good option anymore (8 hours over the course of the last two nights -- not because I haven't tried to sleep, but because when I do go to bed I just lay awake -- even the sleeping pill I took last night didn't help much). Despite not sleeping, I don't feel particularly tired. Just stressed out and frustrated and rather sad.

Happily, tomorrow is Friday. I'm going to play with Brianna and Ann for a little while, and get more work done on the Beast.

Brown out...that was scary. Oh, and do you ever get lines from movies stuck in your head? Or scenes of movies that just replay over and over again? When it happens to me, they're usually the most random, unimportant scenes. Like the one that's currently playing through my brain. It's from (three guesses) Captain America, when the stage manager of the USO show is searching through the dressing room and yells, "Has anybody seen Rogers!"

Yes, I punctuated the question with an exclamation mark, because the man doesn't use any inflection that signifies a question.

So obscure. Whatever. It's fine.

PS I say "Whatever. It's fine." so much that the tutors in the writing center said they want to make me a t-shirt with the phrase on it. I'm not sure that's a good thing...

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