Wednesday, June 27, 2012

in a right state...

So get this. Today I am actually hungry. Do you have any idea how rare that is? Some of you do, but for those that don't, it's rare.

I was all excited to eat breakfast this morning. I thought of possibilities while getting ready for work. Visions of cinnamon toast crunch (mmm), eggs, bagels with cream cheese, peaches, and other tasties floated through my head. With these ideas in mind, I reached for my toothbrush, applied the paste, and began brushing my teeth. Then it happened. I almost threw up.

Not a great feeling. I skipped breakfast, deciding I'd drink some water to try and help the naseau go away. As I made my way back home from a ca-razy shift at the writing center (4 tutorials right in a row, all opinion editorials -- the door opened and we got slammed with freshmen writing students), I pictured things I could make for lunch. Leftover pasta, or a salad, or tuna fish, or something. But each potential meal brought a bad taste to my mouth and a sick feeling in my stomach. I gave it a whirl when I got home, tasting just a granola bar. No go.

Come to think of it, this has actually happened quite frequently throughout the past few months. I'll be hungry, or somewhat hungry, but the mere thought of food makes me gag. It's particularly bad in the morning. Perhaps it's a good thing that I swiped the Coke Zero that I bought but left at my parents' house. After all, I did pay for it, so...I just took it back.

And before anyone gets any funny I am not pregnant -- that would be impossible. Just sayin'.


Q said...

Coke Zero is not food. Your body needs calories. Try to choke something down.

Hilary said...

Well, yeah.. that did cross my mind. ;)

You might want to see your doctor if it persists. Or try a Tums/Rolaid or similar. You might have a bit of excess stomach acid.

I hope it resolves itself before too long.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Q: I got something! Noodles. And the Coke just helps with the naseau.

Hilary: I will defintely try that! Thank you. I appreciate it.