Thursday, June 28, 2012

it finally happened...

You have all heard of the girl who walks through a door expecting to find the familiar layout of a women's restroom. Striding forward, she is suddenly confronted by a strange assortment of faux porcelain that is, at first glance, unrecognizable. After a few confusing moments, it dawns upon this girl that she has not found the women's restroom. Instead, she has accidentally wandered into the realm of maleness. Completely out of her element and absolutely horrified when the realization hits her, she freezes in panic.

She is saved by the fact that there is no one in the room -- she spins on her heel and beelines for the door, only to hear the unmistakable voices of teenage boys in the hallway. She stops dead in her tracks, pressing herself against the wall, praying that they'll keep walking in the opposite direction.

Nature has not called their names, and she begins to breath again as she glances cautiously around the door. There is no one looking her way, and tip toeing as stealthily as she can, she edges out of the men's room and into the hall, clinging to the walls like a rabbit trying to hide on the fringes of a thicket.

Peeking around again, she makes a mad dash and a scramble across the hall, launching herself away from danger and into the safety of a realm she knows. Her heart stops pounding, her breath comes easily, and she thinks to herself, Well. That could have been embarrassing. I'm never doing that again.

And then with a jolt, she realizes...she has become that girl. Oh. Oh, dear.

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Q said...

That happened to me at the Provo library once. And there WAS someone in there. Awkward.