Tuesday, April 17, 2012

school's out...

Finals are over for me this semester. I don't like handwritten finals as much as I like Scantron exams. With Scantrons, you get your results right away. With handwritten, you have to wait for days or weeks to get your score back. It's particularly frustrating when you're pretty sure that you didn't do very well. I just want to see the grade and get on with my life, rather than sitting here biting my nails and cursing the fact that I missed a very important point that would have strengthened my argument quite nicely.

Well. At least it's done with now. No more Interdisciplanary Humanities 261 ever again. Unless I, you know, fail the class. C's get degrees!!!

I can't believe I just wrote that. I never want to get a C. EVER. The end.

One week from tomorrow I start Spring semester. Tuition is paid for, books are ordered, and I have almost no spring/summer clothes to wear. No, really. I was looking through my closet to find things I can start boxing up for the season, and I realized that more than half of my wardrobe falls in these categories:
  • sweaters
  • turtle necks
  • cardigans
  • coats
  • sweat shirts/pants

Not sure what I'm going to wear this spring...maybe it will stay chilly so I won't have to worry about melting in the sunshine. So far I've stayed cold most of the time. If you ever need to find me on campus, look for the girl wearing jeans and a black peacoat in the middle of a crowd of capris, cap sleeved blouses, knee length plaid shorts, and American Eagle tees.

Speaking of clothes. Have you ever worn an outfit that when you looked at it in the mirror, you thought it was super cute and fun and were excited to wear it? Then when you go out into the world, you start to notice people looking at you funny -- like double takes and stuff. And not in the "oh, look, I like her [insert item here]" sort of way but in the "oh wow" with a raised eyebrow sort of way.

Maybe I was imagining it.

Or maybe it was the white tights?

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