Sunday, April 15, 2012

weekend thoughts and observations...

...sometimes my thoughts are deep. other times, they're more like this... of my dear, dear friends has just transferred to BYU. Welcome to Cougar Town, Brady!! I'm so, so excited to go to school with you again!! Granted he'll be in the Business building ALL the time because he's smart and cool like that, but still. It'll be good to know I have another friend on campus.
...every time I sneeze (and they're not big sneezes), the vertebrae in my back pop into alignment
...same thing happens when I lift something that weighs more than ten pounds. It isn't heavy, but my back pops anyway.
...I'm thinking about taking a second stats class just to have Patti as a professor again -- she's fantastic -- and I actually find stats really fascinating
...I have $7 in my bank account...I'm super glad that my grant came through for Spring/Summer it possible to OD on Ibuprofen? Hope not...
...weird things make me Penelope -- I cried TWICE during that movie -- double u tee heck?
...Iceburg shakes = one of the best things that has ever happened to me
...I'm actually really looking forward to school starting in two weeks...huh?
...I only sing at home when I'm by myself -- the second I hear the door, it was as though I was never belting "Someone Like You" (Jekyll and Hyde) while dancing through the house with a duster and a laundry basket (or, you know, just sitting in my room on my bed staring at walls thinking about what I should be doing) bed has become one of my very best friends in the whole world
...I'll bet you $7 that my Visiting Teachers are cooler/kinder/sweeter/funnier/more helpful/make better cookies than yours do
...remember that Kid History video where the guy proclaims to the world that he hates hot dogs (at 1:53)? Well, I. HATE. ONIONS. is SO POWERFUL. I was asked to sing in church, first soloing on the first verse, a duet with Amanda on the second, and then with the choir on the third and fourth verses. It was the hymn version of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." From the first phrase, people were crying. The Spirit was so very strong. Gotta love it.
...if I could eat pizza bites, brownie shakes, carrots, peach or strawberry yogurt, and Reese's every day without getting fat/sick, I would
...spending most of two days in bed is boring
...less than two weeks until my sista-friend Brianna gets married!!!!!!!!

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