Monday, September 26, 2011


I have found a new happy making activity. I picked my mom up from school last week, and we stopped at the university's weekly farmers' market. Total treasure trove of wonderful! We got a bushel of peaches that are absolutely the juiciest peaches I've ever had the chance to taste. We met the sweetest girl ever, a young woman in a wheel chair because her legs have never worked, who sells necklaces made out of Scrabble tiles and pretty pictures (I bought one). She is truly amazing! Mom found the most amazing honey butter ever, and I found cranberry orange bread which was also amazing. Even better? The man selling the bread makes it himself, he's got the coolest British accent ever, and he was pretty darn handsome. But the best part? The apples.

Oh. My. Goodness. I never thought a piece of fruit could be so beautiful, or so delicious. Mom bought a bushel of the apples because 1) they were so, so good, and 2) the apples were absolutely gorgeous and I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera with me, so she got them so I could take pictures at home.

Farmers' Market field trip = one of the best ideas my mom has ever had. And I did take pictures of the apples the day after our adventure. They're beautiful. And so good. Let me introduce you to the Connie apple:

Beautiful little things.

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