Sunday, September 18, 2011

i done been stepped on...

You know the saying that people use when they get a chill or something? It's "somebody is walking on my grave" or something. Well, I think somebody is stepping on mine quite a lot lately. I keep getting chills all over, starting from my heart and spreading outward, through my arms and legs to my fingers and toes and back again.

I don't even have a grave though so...I dunno. Man, I'm tired! So tired I'm silly. Or as my sister once said, "I'm so tired I'm stupid!"

Stepped on...ever feel like people stomp all over your heart, intentionally or otherwise? Yesterday...*sigh*. Stepped on. Stomped on. Crushed. Again, and it's my own darn fault, really, for volunteering to drive my friend to see his girlfriend because my car gets way better gas mileage than his does. I mean, we were both going there anyway (one of my best friends lives across the way from the girl, who is another friend of mine), so I didn't see much point in us going separately. But after yesterday? I am so not doing that again. I just can't do it. Seeing them MAN. Bearable? I said, I'm not doing it again.

This is like a case of whiplash. A bad case of whiplash. You try to ignore the stiffness of your neck by being careful. You're doing great for awhile. It actually starts to get better. So great, in fact, that you forget and turn your head and BAM. Pain. And it gets stiff again, so you start being careful, et cetera.

Thankfully whiplash does eventually heal. The muscles get better and go back to normal, and you can turn your head just fine. I just wish my "whiplash" would heal faster.

In the meantime I'll go back to wondering who is stepping on my grave because these weird chills won't go away. Not even with two down comforters, a regular quilt, and three fleece blankets. Silly.

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Q said...

You might have the same sickness I've had the past few days––I couldn't stop shivering, either. I'm sorry if I gave it to you! I wasn't showing symptoms then! If you start having a cough/sore throat with it too, it's what I've had.