Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i scream...

For da ice cream!!!

Oh yes. I will scream for da ice cream. Because da ice cream? It's da bestest.

After choir yesterday, I was really sad. I'd been trying to just go along like nothing was wrong, but I guess I'm not good at hiding things (duh). A couple of friends asked me how I was doing, and everything just sort of broke through the flimsy barrier that had been hastily constructed overnight. Sierra and Brady helped me so much--Sierra listened and when she did, I felt a wonderful feeling of safety and reassurance that things would be okay. Brady shared some of his own experiences and taught me that pain and peace can exist side by side (he also shared a scripture that I keep in mind now, Matthew 11:28-30). Both of them helped me to feel peace, and to feel loved. SOOO very thankful for both of them; they are two of the most quality people you can meet.

Ann, Brianna, and Shelby had a different sort of remedy for my sadness. We met up at Smith's in the evening and bought ice cream. Lots--and I mean LOTS--of ice cream. Triple Brownie. Rainbow Sherbet. Caramel Praline. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Mint Chocolate Chip. And Sprite, to go with the sherbet so we could make frappe. Exciting much? I think YES. We took our miniature ice cream shop to my house, and we used the biggest bowls in the cupboard. Ice cream much? Yeah. It was great to sit out on the porch eating ice cream and enjoying the beautiful almost autumn evening, just us girls. My sisters and my little dog Misty joined us as well. Misty adores Brianna. I kind of think the feeling is mutual!

It was so good to be with my friends. It was so nice to feel loved and cared for, to be accepted and understood. I am truly blessed, more blessed than I can comprehend, to have so many wonderful people in my life.

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