Tuesday, February 14, 2012

best Valentine's Day ever...

Today was the first time I have gone to a BYU devotional this semester. I actually had time. Two words: absolutely awesome. Read why here.

Amazing talk.

My Marriage & Family class is always good, but today was great. We talked about (guess) love and charity in the marriage/family relationship. Mostly we defined love. We also talked about the right way to use our language regarding love, and to make sure the love we express is appropriate.

In general terms, the four types of love defined by the Greeks:
1. Philos, or the love between friends
2. Storge, or familial love
3. Eros, or romantic love
4. Agape, "great love", often defined as charity but really going deeper than that

Great lesson.

Remember that 800 word children's article I had to write? I got it back today. Teacher comment:


Seriously? You astonish me! An excellent article!! Thank you! Disney is a huge subject to tackle--even the creation of Mickey is still broad, but you deftly crafted an angle about spatial relationships that is focused and fascinating. The addition of your fun facts and definitions are engaging. Well done. Brava!"

Score = 100%

Day = made.

The last three weeks at work have been spent doing almost nothing but blowing up and tying balloons. I'm not even kidding, that's all we've done. So, probably 5,000 balloons later (I'm dead serious, I've prepared so many), I decided it was time to get some of my own. I picked out my balloons, blew them up, tied pretty ribbons on them, arranged and knotted them into a bouquet, and, using the very last red balloon weight in the whole store, finished off my Valentine bouquet. And...I kind of love it.

3 Valentine print mylar balloons
2 clear damask printed latex balloons
3 black damask printed latex balloons
2 red with black polka dots latex balloons
2 red with white polka dots latex balloons
1 red balloon weight
lots of red, white, black, and silver curling ribbon

Super cute, right?

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

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