Monday, February 13, 2012


I updated my quotes page on this blog. These are just a few of the ones I posted on the Favorite Quotes page. You should check them out if you have time! Some of them are pretty funny.

Someone once said

“If you do not use what the Lord gives you for its intended purpose, the Lord will take it away.” –Jason Raddatz

“When you embrace the culture of the world, you will never be enough.” –Hank Smith

“Being still and doing nothing are two different things.” –Mr. Han, Karate Kid

“Only a fool doesn’t know when they’ve been beaten.” “Then I’m a fool, for I’m a long way from being beaten.” –Sybill, “Downton Abby”

“My smile is small, but it might be just the one they need.” –A Voice of Her Own, pg. 167

“…I am the only self I’ve got and must make the best of it.” –A Voice of Her Own, pg. 185

“Love is more than a mere curiosity or momentary excitement. I don’t think that two people can know it’s real until they’ve spent time together, until they have a history together.” –Luke Skywalker, The Courtship of Princess Leia, pg. 294

“…you don’t need many friends, you know, as long as the ones you have are good ones.” –City of Stars, pg. 167

“Sometimes what you can’t see is more real than what you can.” –Jars of Glass, pg. 133

“Those who love you will receive you just as you are.” –Bamboo People, pg. 249

“I’ll do my best, and if my best isn’t good enough, at least I will have done everything I could, everything that is in me. I don’t have to try to be someone else, someone I could never be.” –Abhorsen, pg. 59

“I want to live like music sounds.” –The Morning Gift, pg. 10

“Fear is what kills everything in the end. Without it, we would be immortal. And we would not harm anyone else.” –Singer, pg. 107

“I feel like these fortune cookies are like my patriarchal blessing: they don’t tell me what to do but they tell me what’s best for me.” –Brianna Pettit

“Do not fear. This life is a dance, not a battle. We are all part of this world, not masters of it.” -The Singer of All Songs, pg. 259

"A strong man who has known power all of his life may lose respect for that power, but--a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion." -Dr. Abraham Erskine

“Roses are for love. Not forget-me-not, honeysuckle, silly sweethearts’ love but the love that makes you and keeps you whole, love that gets you through the worst your life’ll give you and that pours out of you when you’re given the best instead…there aren’t many roses around anymore because they need more love than people have to give ‘em, to make ‘em flower, and the only thing that’ll stand in for love is magic, though it ain’t as good, and you have to have a lot of magic…the bushes only started covering themselves with thorns when it got so it was only magic that ever made ‘em grow. They were sad, like, and it came out in thorns. Maybe it was different when the world was younger, when people and roses were younger.” –Rose Daughter, pg. 53

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