Thursday, February 16, 2012

happy making...

Today was joyful English professor after listening to me express my concerns regarding an upcoming assignment: "Oh, Georgie, I don't have any worries about you in this class. You are a great writer. Really."
...97% on my religion exam. ShaBAM.
...apologizing to a friend who I was a bit short with yesterday and feeling absolutely liberated afterwards.
...printing 100 pictures for only $13 instead of 23 for $5.75. Much better economically speaking.
...perfect birthday gift for little Mandy. She's TWELVE tomorrow. TWELVE. Oh Em Gee.
...old fashioned doughnut from BYU bakery. Mmmm.
...coloring book that Ann gave me for Valentine's Day!
...clean fish tank. Leo is happy.
...laundry almost done!
...dinner "date" set for next week with a friend I haven't seen in over a month. Noodles & Company, here we come!
...apples the size of my palm at Walmart on sale (and I have little hands so they really are teeny apples).
...letter from Q came in the mail with an AMAZING photo of a butterfly she saw in California. I love mail! English teacher pulled out a pack of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream gum, and when she learned that I'd never heard of it she gave me her last piece. She was right-it is super good.
...less pain than ever before and it's awesome. I can actually walk.
...Captain America is on BYU campus everywhere. Posters, t-shirts, sidewalk chalked in front of buildings. Love.
...ran into Miss Julia Rae Sanchez at the store and got to talk to her for awhile. She always makes me happy. "You're pretty!" Love her.
...going to be IN bed with the lights OFF before MIDNIGHT for the FIRST TIME in WEEKS. YES.
...and this

Future kidlet right there

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