Sunday, February 12, 2012

wedding crashers...

While we aren't exactly wedding crashers because at least one of us knew the bride at the first reception and all three of us knew the bride and groom at the second, we still had a little too much fun. Why? Mini ice cream parlor, cheesecake pops (like cake pops but made out of cheesecake), pretty lights and decor, lots of pictures to look at, chocolate fountains, a potential future engagement within the next year to giggle about, chocolate covered strawberries (!!!) and...a photobooth? Yes. Photobooth. Complete with props.

Totes, man.

The camera refocused without warning after each shot. Struggle.

Alyssa and I figured it out. Chelsie...didn't.

I love these two girls. I am so very glad that I get to work with them, and that we have become such awesome friends. Chelsie and Alyssa, you two are AWESOME.


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