Saturday, February 11, 2012

roarin' twenties...

My first date during the year 2012 and after my 20th birthday was tonight. What better place to go than to a Roarin' 20s Institute dance?! My extremely kind, super cute, very funny, absolutely intelligent Eric asked me to go with him, and I gave an emphatic YES. It was so, so, SO fun. Can't stand it. :)




Awesome date

Happy girl


Q said...

GOOD dress pick. And I've been scanning a magazine from the late 20s-early 30s for two months, so I know me my women's fashion of that period.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Thanks! I fell back on knowledge gained from being in "Singin' in the Rain". Granted it was a decade ago ( O.o ) but I still remember it well. Mom took us to DI for HOURS at a time to hunt through the dress sections for costumes. :)

I wish I could keep the dress. It's a rental because I didn't have time until the absolute last two hours before the dance to find anything. Maybe I'll have one made...