Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I feel [bad, upset, disappointed] when

...I find out I did a lot worse on a test than I thought I did.
...there are no cookies in the cookie jar.
...I make a mistake at work.
...the pocket in my backpack that holds my iClicker (quiz taking remote) is empty. dog bites my face for no reason.
...plans alter drastically (I dislike abrupt change).
...the "fuel tank empty" light comes on when I don't expect it. backpack is very heavy and I'm parked out by the football stadium.
...people sit on me because they don't realize that I'm there.

I feel [good, happy, excited] when

...a professor is unhappy with overall test scores not because we're bad students, but because "I didn't teach the material well enough, so I'm going to look at your answers and adjust as needed to help you. It's only fair, really!"
...there are cookies in the cookie jar AND in my lunch.
...the mistake I made at work ends up adding to the decor in the store.
...there is no iClicker quiz on the day it disappeared from my backpack. other dog kisses my nose better after the first one bit me.
...altered plans end up being better than the original ones.
...I have enough money on my card to put gas in my car's tank.
...a nice boy helps me with my books and bag.
...people sit next to me so I'm not by myself, aka they noticed me before sitting down.

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