Monday, February 27, 2012

hit the floor...

No, I am not talking about dancing. In fact, dancing is one of the absolute last things that I want to do right now.

What I'm talking about is the moment when it all becomes too much, when you can't stand the weight any longer, and even prayer doesn't take the pain away anymore. It's the moment when the emotions and thoughts you've been holding back become too large to hold onto.

It's the bag of stones you carry, each one labeled with words like fear, guilt, shame, ugly, failure, pain, lies, forgotten, impossible, nothing. It's now so heavy that all you can do is crumple to the floor under the weight as the seams begin to split, stones tumbling about, leaving marks in your shins as they knock into you on the way to the ground.


Q said...

I think one of the coolest things about you is that you always get back up.

Sierra said...

I agree!