Tuesday, February 7, 2012

funny how that works...

The more I get to know you, the more I find that we are incredibly compatible. We like the same things and we dislike the same things. We have similar goals and dreams. We have similar opinions politically, socially, spiritually, family-ly, educationally, and the like. We think very much the same about the world, and even when we disagree we are able to come to some sort of a compromise (except on the issue of whether cake is good or not. I will like cake no matter how much you dislike it).

And so here we are, able to converse for hours on end without getting bored of one another. Here we are, able to sit together in companionable silence without it getting awkward. And always, the we ends and it's back to you in your world and me in mine.

I haven't met anyone like you before. I've had best friends and people I could talk to about most everything, but you? Note that this is weird because you're a guy: you are the one who I can talk to about everything. Literally everything. And the best part? You talk back. About everything. When we're not talking, we're still communicating. It's different, but it's a comfortable feeling. It's one I don't get tired of quickly.

It's odd, because when I'm with you I feel content and complete. It's a perfect friendship, one of mutual caring and understanding with a very open channel of communication. I don't have to be afraid to talk to you about things that might be weird or potentially awkward. For you, it's just making things better by talking through it. I appreciate that.

Sometimes it's strange to me that we're friends. Then if I think about it, I realize thinking about it is ridiculous. Why analyze something that brings me joy? Still, though. It's funny.


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Erin Day said...

You just described my Liesl friend, and my ex boyfriend...isn't it wonderful to find those people in your life?