Friday, May 29, 2009

30 minutes...

Well, today is the day. I am so excited. The house is clean (mostly :)), my hair is wet, my clothes are pressed, and all I need to do is lay out the rugs and find my shoes. Pray that they don't fall off this time. :D

I watched another great BBC series last night. It's called North and South. I can't remember the names of the people who are in it, but it was really, really good. I didn't even see the first episode and I still liked it a lot. Maybe later tonight I can watch the beginning to see what I missed. Hm...

The only problem with watching things like BBC and A&E is that I start to talk with an accent. It's probably horrible. Fun, though.

27 minutes! I'm going to go finish up-I'll write later. :D :D :D

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