Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hunt & peck...

i currently have no use of my left arm, hence the following lower case and not higly punctuated post. i don't know what i did to it, but my elbow is acting all funny. first a cat has plunged its claws into my skin refusing to let go. second someone lights a match under my arm. third the muscles are wrapped around a vacumm belt and the switch is turned on. i didn't realize what a gift it is to be able to type 90+ words per minute. let's see...i started this post at...mmmm...9:20ish. it is now 9:31. woot.

my old boss and good friend joe stopped by my house today (after i was home from the doctor and proudly wearing my new jewelry, aka my spiffy blue sling). he just got back from hawaii a couple of days ago, and he brought me some t-shirts and a fresh pineapple! he's so nice. he even invited me to come eat lunch with the crew this summer. i'm so there. i love those guys (and gal ;)) so much!

okay, my arm is tired, and so are my eyes. have a great night/morning/afternoon to you all. wherever you are. :D


spider said...

Ooh, ouch. I hope your arm feels better soon and bad stuff stops happening to it. (Did it break a mirror or something?)

Char said...

somehow this reminds me of that song...from a hollywood music. I wish I could remember it.

feel better!

Woman in a Window said...

You gots to gets you a bubble. I'm telling you, no injuries in a bubble. No crazy cats, either.

Get better.

Coleman said...

ouch! hope you get feeling better.
P.S. awsome header