Monday, May 11, 2009

HELP ME!!! (please?)

Speak responses are turned in. Phew.

Now for the real post. I am not doing so great in my History class because I suck at retaining information from reading the chapters. I've failed all but one of the five review quizzes (I'm not the only one; 8 other kids failed them too, and there are 10 kids total in the class including me), and I need to make up some points in order to pull off at least a B.

Does anyone have any ideas whatsoever for historical poetry? I've drawn a blank and need some serious prompts. Any time period, but preferably in the United States (wars, rumors of wars, politics, general ideals of the country, emblems, what have you). And yes, I can make a list, but that doesn't mean I can come up with anything. Ugh!

Got anything? Post them in the comments, and I'll post anything I come up with for you! Promise. :)



Q said...

Write about today. Write about the fall of the Berlin Wall. Write about the land when feet first stepped on it. What did it say? Write about the winds and how they find grass and horses and wagon trains.

maya ganesan said...

Think about...either being a feminist or activist for women's rights...or about the Civil or Revolutionary Wars. Take the viewpoint of a bystander, or a man in battle.

Does that help? :P

Woman in a Window said...

Thomas Jefferson writing love poetry to his love. Apparently he had a child with one of his this true?