Saturday, May 2, 2009

pondering night...

All quiet.
Not a sound in the night.
Even the dog across the way
Fails to speak his mind.

All still.
Not a breeze nor a flutter
Of the branches and leaves.
Perfect silence.

All dark.
Not a star shines through
The deepening clouds.
Streetlights out.

All quiet,
Save for the thoughts
Swirling through minds
Without end,

Pondering night.

Prom is tonight. And I'm not there.


Woman in a Window said...

Do you know, I read a lot of poetry on-line (well, not as much as I'd like) and you are one of the best that I've found. Most is so sentimental it drives me crazy. And here you are 17!!! 17!!! and you come up with, "Angel fingers paint petticoats
of pale color"
Petticoats! I'm jealous. That's perfect!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Oh goodness, WiaW. I'm blushing again. See? *blush* Thanks so much. I appreciate your kind words.

Q said...

I LOVE Two and Three.

Q said...

If you took this one down, Beth Kephart can't see it for the contest!