Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hooray for the Class of 2009! They all made it out alive!

Ew. Horrible and unintentional rhyme. Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, I went to graduation (mom came with me so that I wouldn't have to sit alone-thanks!), and I have decided that I am decidedly against such unnecessary ceremony. For me, at least. I don't mind going to watch the big shebang for all of my friends; I'm glad they get to be recognized for their achievements. I am, however, absolutely terrified of this time next year. I'll probably do something stupid, like trip or my lip will get stuck to my teeth when I'm trying to smile or my hat will fall off. Ugh. Personally I'd like to just bring my family into the administration office and have them hand me my diploma there. No fuss, no nonsense, no chance to completely embarrass myself in front of hundreds of people. Why all the torture just for a piece of paper that my parents will probably hang up on some wall? *sigh*

So, yes, it was a big shebang. I saw a lot of my friends-Clark, Taylor(s), Abbey, Amy, Chelsea(s), Marissa(s), Josh, Jordan, Matt, Flint, to name a few (geez, I know way more guys than girls. never noticed that before-weird) The biggest reason I went, however, was Tony. He mentioned in passing a couple of weeks ago that it would be cool if I came to his graduation, so I did. After all, what are friends for? It was worth it to see him go from storm cloud when he entered to sunshine when he exited. You know, he's become one of my best friends. He won't agree, but I think of him as one. I am SO glad that I switched from B3 Multimedia to B4 Multimedia and decided to sign up for AP Enviro.

After the ceremony (long, flowery, but not too bad) I went outside to find friends and congratulate them. I saw a lot of the kids I mentioned before, and they were all happy and most of them on cell phones. Tony was the hardest to find; he was getting his picture taken with his parents when I finally saw him (after nearly 20 minutes of looking), and making funny faces at the camera. After I gave him a hug (I forgot how tall he was; my forehead came to the middle of his chest. my Preference heels must have been higher than I thought they were) he asked me what I'm doing tomorrow (was doing? am doing? ???). Nothing until three, so we're going out. Yes! I'm excited. It'll be super fun. He was so funny when I said congratulations. "It's not a big deal; it's just graduation." I'm proud of him anyway.

Let's see, did anything else happen? Oh, yes. A kid stuck gum on the back of my shirt. Turd. My shoe fell off while crossing the street. The pavement was very hot. And a stick got caught in my hair. I had serious wardrobe problems today. But did you notice that none of them were my fault? ;)

I use parentheses a lot. I just noticed that. They're so frequent that they're almost unnecessary. Oh, well.

10:30 am tomorrow begins my term as a Senior in high school. I couldn't figure out how that works until one of the school counselors explained it. On the books, I am officially a Senior in high school when the last bell of the school year rings. The old Seniors become alumni at the same time. So, not only did Tony and I spend my first and his last day as 17-year-olds together (Preference in January), but we'll be spending part of his last day and part of my first day as Seniors together. Odd, isn't it?



Char said...

yay for being a senior - it was a fun year for me.

Woman in a Window said...

I worked during my graduation. They mailed me my diploma. And to even think of the kids of my time on cell phones cracks me up!!! HA!!! Guess you have to be old to find that one funny.

(Have fun on the date. See? I use 'em too.)