Saturday, May 30, 2009

one giant knot...

I am so sore. Standing up for six hours is not good for you. At least not for me. Yeah, I'm at work with nothing to do (for the moment). The last rush just passed on, and I'm taking a wee break to write from work for the first time.

I'm also stressed out, which is weird because I have nothing to stress over. I mean, school's out for Pete's sake. My job doesn't give me any problems. What is the deal?

Yesterday fell through again. I knew that it was Tony on the phone because the first thing he said to me was in the general idea of "My friends suck." No big deal to me-just means more time to look forward for my time with him. He could keep on putting it off and I'd be happy. I mean, I'd know for sure that I'm guaranteed at least one day with him. :)

I am so sick of looking at clothes. I'm not the only one; Michelle, Alexa, and Savanne feel the same way. We cannot WAIT for this Buy One, Get One sale on all old uniforms to be over. It will be so nice to not have to look at and fold those over and over again.


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Woman in a Window said...

I work retail. The monotony and excess of it drives me stark raving mad sometimes.

I like your attitude in the looking forward. I could learn from this.