Sunday, August 16, 2009

are you kidding?

Beginning tomorrow, there are three days until the official start of my Senior year in high school. Three days until my Senior status, and three minutes ago I just lost a tooth.

No joke. I was eating a Starburst just for fun, and because I wanted to, and all of the sudden I noticed that one of my molars was really hurting. It felt like it was digging into my gum. Perhaps there was some rather sticky bit of candy left behind, so I wiggled my tongue and *pop*. A white tooth landed in my hand.

This just proves that I am behind my age group in many developmental areas (what? really?). In kindergarten, I lost two teeth. TWO TEETH. What the heck, right? In first grade, maybe five. In second grade, twoish. Third, zero. Fourth, zero. Fifth, zero. Sixth, zero. It was not until TENTH GRADE that I started losing the smaller molars. I lost two teeth in tenth grade, two in eleventh, and now another one as I start twelfth.

Great. Now I start school with a big, gaping smile. It was cute when I was a kid, but now it'll just look like I don't have proper hygeine. There's no WAY it'll have grown back by Homecoming. Ugh. I mean, the one I lost last year just barely finished growing in a couple of months ago. What's the deal?


Jan Mader said...

No tooth? Oh no!

The good news in all this is that I just read your blog and I think you're a terrific writer. Maybe you can write about losing a tooth at your age.

Oh! Wait a minute! You just did. I truly loved your kidding!

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Three days until your school starts! That is just criminal.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Jan: Thanks!

Family: Tell me about it. School is just...ew.

omchelsea said...

Errrrk... look on the plus side: You might NEVER have to put up with the agony of wisdom teeth.

And yes, I'm hanging out clothes now. Your comment and update were just a handy procrastination tool for a few minutes. Thank you for the comment :) it's nice to know someone is reading!

spider said...

That's pretty horrible. Last year I had to get six baby teeth pulled because they weren't coming out on their own. *rolls eyes*

There's still a gaping hole in my mouth.

Sure, it sucks that school's starting, but you know what? You have seniority. That's pretty wicked awesome.

steviewren said...

Poor girl! I feel your pain. I have a crown that is lose. I went to the dentist to have it glued back in correctly but he couldn't get it out. Turns out it was glued in with a post. The dentist said if he kept pulling on it he might break it which would mean it would cost me a bundle to have it made again. His suggestion? Go home and keep wiggling it until it comes out! What am I 5 again? Seems like I am. It was kind of fun to brag about my lose tooth to my granddaughters. I just don't want it to fall out on the weekend and have to wait until I can get it glued back in because it is right in the front!

Joy said...

My daughters were extremely slow in losing their teeth too. In fact my youngest who just turned 14, just lost a tooth. True story!

Char said...

oh no! I'm so sorry.

Rohini Prasanth said...

That is bonkers!

But look at the positive side - you will be the talk of the school and everyone will recognize you. No need for fresh introductions.

Err.. did I just make it worse for you?

Hilary said...

They say that the later your permanent teeth come in, the longer they'll last. That'll make you an octogenarian with a pretty killer smile! ;)

You guys go back to school early. Our kids here in Canada always start the day after Labo(u)r Day.