Sunday, August 30, 2009

catching up...

Thursday, August 20
School sucks. The end.

Friday, August 21
See my 20 ?s post if you want to. I missed third period today (Concert Choir/beginning choir) to go to a funeral. A friend of mine lost her father in a car accident; he was killed after a trailer fish tailed and flipped the car over. Pray for her? Thanks.

No rehearsal tonight. School dance! Read about it in an earlier post.

Saturday, August 22
Will Rehearsal of Doom NEVER END?!?!?!? It did, finally, after waiting around from 9:00 until 3:30 to actually be onstage, and then having to wait for mom until almost 7:00 so she could work on filming with Misty. Ugh. Tech sucks. At least it's over.

Sunday, August 23
Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication today. My family and I went to the second session. I really liked what the speakers talked about (temple work, dedication, sacrifice, love for others). The choir was okay, except for one flat tenor. Or was it a bass? I can't remember. I just remember that I felt really special and happy during the meeting.

Monday, August 24
My first day in Mr. Jackman's Health Science class for real. We didn't do much-he doesn't even let us take notes because he says "This is too boring to write down, so don't. I'll just tell you if it's important, and if I forget to tell you and it's on the test then you all get 100%." He's awesome.

First dress rehearsal, and first ever Monday rehearsal. Hannah did my make-up for me tonight; I don't have a clue as to how to do regular make-up, let alone stage make-up. When I was just learning this art, I was in CATS at PCT (same place I'm doing WoOz). I tell you what, it's way harder to learn how to do little details and small strokes when you're used to putting a glob of brown on a two inch sponge and covering your whole face with it.

My costumes are working! Yay! Now let's hope my tap shoes don't squish my toes off.

Tuesday, August 25
My first day in Concert Choir. Mrs. Mathews asked me to stand up in front of the class and sing a warm-up by myself. Awkward. I was terrified, but ended up being given a standing ovation by my classmates. The sopranos (Sops) have dubbed me section leader. So no pressure, right? :/

I spent my free fourth period talking to Riley about everything from ridiculously large English textbooks to Avatar. It was pretty much amazing. Right after school I went to audition for Guys and Dolls and totally flubbed it. Seriously, my voice cracked twice during my song, and I forgot some of my lines from my monologue. Improvisation is not something I do every day, so I was just blargh. Pretty much ruined the rest of the day. Yes, I know, that's emotionally unintelligent, but ya know what? Deal with it.

I hate working. I had to drive out to rehearsal tonight because I worked until 6:00. I think I don't like it mostly because it takes time away from the things I really want to do (like study and perform and take dance lessons) and my uniform shirt is too small (I won't get a free one until October). I'll stop complaining now.

Rehearsal was fine. I did my own make-up and did well on the dance steps. Wait until opening night. I'll probably totally screw up. Oh, speaking of rehearsals. I'm sort of making a new friend with Zach, Brenden/Scarecrow's little brother. Well, not little little. 10 months younger than me. He's super nice. And cute.

Wednesday, August 26
Watched a rather grotesque film in Health Science about Phineas Gage, a man who had a tamping rod shot through his brain, disconnecting the cerebral cortex from the reptilian brain (or limbic system), and survived. In 1884. WtFreak, right?

Today the dance/movement auditions for Guys and Dolls were after school. I had an awesome time! Sarah, my Algebra 2 buddy, said that I was the only one who looked like I was having tons of fun. Well, I was. It was the first dance audition that I've had where I didn't totally screw up. It was a total blast! I kind of hope I get cast as just a dancer; the choreographer is really talented and super nice.

Final Dress rehearsal, with audience. It was fantastic; they loved it! We performed for the senior citizens. Nana, or my grandma (who thinks she's all that and has total control and blah, blah, blah), said that the senior citizens never respond-they don't laugh, they don't clap, they just act like they're dead. Um, hello? Does she not remember that she falls into that same category? That woman is so up in the night sometimes.

I spent some more time with Zach tonight. I help him pull his ginormous tree costume on when he goes onstage during the Tin Man scene. All of the apples keep falling off. I have to go around chasing them so I can stick them back onto the fabric. He finds it funny. So do I.

Thursday, August 27-OPENING NIGHT!!!
Started my college classes today. I was late for Communications 1050, and the other kids in my class (19, yay, I'm not alone!) told me that the teacher had called my name and said that she knew me, then wanted to talk to me over the microphones. When they said I wasn't there, she (Janet) asked them to tell me she'd said hello and to get on the mic when I showed up. I declined the invitation to say hello. Rude of me perhaps, but that is so weird. I have never met her in my life!

Meteorology 1010 is going to be a pain. For starters, the textbook costs $120.90. OUCH.

Didn't make call-backs.

Opening Night was great! All of the tech (which was a disaster and the people on the crew are mostly rude-cough, flight manager) pulled together, and the audience was great. They loved it! Problems on my part-I kind of forgot to pull my J-bug mask on before I went onstage. I didn't even notice until after I got offstage to prepare for my second entrance. Oops. Other than that I did well, I think. Yay!

Zach and I talked a lot tonight. He's really a nice guy. We now have an inside joke, which we repeat to one another every night. "Break a nose." Haha. Don't ask.

Friday, August 28
I slept through first and second period today, so I missed Seminary and Health Science. I guess I was super tired, because I heard my alarm clock go off and had this conversation with myself- "Georgie, you've got get up. But I can't get up! But I have to; I've got school and stuff! I just can't. I just can't. I can't, I can't, I...*zzzzz*". For reals. It was a conscious conversation, where I lost to sleep. So, dad wrote me a note so I could check in to Algebra 2, which I did. Then I spent my free fourth period making up Health Science, because Jackman teaches it during second and fourth periods on A days and B days. Convenient.

Second performance night! Screwed up again during "Jitterbug" but not as badly. I just crashed into Kensey/Dorothy when Misty/Toto ran in the opposite direction from me. I gotta get that dog offstage! Sorry if I run you over! Zach stood in the wings watching, which was sort of nerve wracking because I found myself wanting to impress him, and ended up not doing so great. Trying too hard I guess. He still told me that I did a great job. Then I remembered that he's never watched it any other time. *phew* Close one.

I didn't see anyone that I knew in the audience. *sigh* I hope some of my friends can come.

Zach and I are having way too much fun together. From skipping like Dorothy and Scarecrow down the halls to breaking noses, we keep laughing and talking about everything. Except ourselves. I actually don't mind that one bit. It's great to not have to explain yourself to someone; things just pop up out of nowhere and you don't have to worry about being judged. I love that about Zach.

Saturday, August 29
Slept until 12:30, which was so amazing. Then I didn't really do anything, until mom and I had a huge fight about me before rehearsal. We won't go into details; I'd have to admit defeat. Which I kind of just did.

Zach and I hung out almost the whole night. I'd get up to go somewhere and he'd follow me. I didn't mind one bit. Emma, Carisa, Belen, and Jaz say I'm in love. Not in love, but definitely twitterpated. It was interesting, because during intermission I went out on the balcony. He followed along, and suddenly we were talking about his role as Tony in West Side Story last year in school. Suddenly he wasn't funny, happy-go-lucky Zach. He was somber and his eyes were full of pain. Zach told me about someone who meant a lot to him last year, the girl who played Maria. It ended badly. The look in his eyes scared me. He looked so heartbroken and alone. That's when I decided that he will never have such pain in his eyes because of me. Friends, and nothing more. I will never hurt him like that.

Major, major, major screw up tonight, involving a missing costume. I wasn't able to do "Jitterbug" because my leotard was gone. I spent ten frantic minutes looking for it, trying to contact my dad in the audience through text message because he had BOTH sets of keys to the van and failing. I cried. Hard. The worst part was that Zach came looking for me to see if I was okay. I didn't want him to see me crying. I hid in the dressing room. He finally found me after the show was over. He gave me a hug and asked me if I wanted to go get ice cream with him and his friends. I said no, because I had to go home with my family (we live half an hour away from Payson). Then he kissed his fingers and placed his hand on my cheek. Remember my promise that we're just friends? Boy, I almost broke that one fast.

My friend from my Ceramics class last year came! Zoe, who is a fantastic performer, said that she had tons of fun and it was super good. I'm so glad she came. I love Zoe!

Sunday, August 30
Spent the day sleeping, uploading pictures, and reading. Now I'm going back to bed. Oh, but I wanted to share this. Don't laugh. It's just silliness.

The Curtain's Up
Every time I’m with you is like
preparing to go onstage.
Knees begin to shake;
heart begins to drum;
stomach full of frantic,
fluttering butterflies.


And sometimes, even dread.

Take a deep, steadying breath
and clasp my hands tightly
behind my back.
Try to keep them from reaching up
to my hair, or in some cases,

The music starts,
the lights go up.
Curtains open onto
figures in bright colors,
busy going about their
memorized lives, oblivious

to me and you.

And you, oblivious,
to me.


Char said...

whoa - I got dizzy. LOL

yay for great performances though

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Been wondering how you are doing with school and such and now we know - your life is a whirlwind!