Saturday, August 15, 2009

girls do dumb things when left to their own devices...

Before leaving rehearsal last night, Mary and Carissa showed off another side of themselves when they discovered that the Scarecrow's pole could not only be used for "burning" people at the stake, but for much more exotic activities. *smirk* Just imagine two 30-something year old women taking turns singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to a six foot long piece of wood. Interesting things happen backstage.

EVERYthing is so much funnier at 3:00 in the morning. The night got off to a great start with the last ten or so minutes of Barney and the Dreammaker. Carissa's younger kids were watching it. I rememer seeing that movie in the theaters when I was younger. I know. Barney in the theaters? Ew.

As soon as everyone showed up (Carissa, Emma, Jasmin, Balin, Mary, Shannon, Samantha, Miranda, Alaia, and me) Carissa broke out the key lime pie, cheese tortillas, and the LDS version of Pride & Prejudice, commonly known as "The Pink Bible". It sounds really dumb, and it really kind of is, but with 10 girls/women eating sugary pie and working on costumes and drooling (that was Balin) over Mr. Darcy, it's hilarious. I'd never seen it before, and I was really missing out. Actually, I'd never seen any of the real movies that we watched.

Once we'd finished that movie, Emma asked me if I'd ever seen Barbie and the Diamond Castle. I had not (for obvious reasons) so they put that one in next. It wasn't as funny on its own, but I laughed at some of the stupidity and all of the girls swooning over the two male interest characters. The two sparkling, dancing puppies were a little bit disturbing, especially since one of them looks just like Misty, but they were still way cute.

Next came The Muppets' Wizard of Oz, which was rather grown-up and absolutely hysterical (which could be related to the fact that it was 3:00 in the morning). There were parts where Miranda and I were literally falling off the couch with laughter (the Tin Man [Gonzo] somehow having nipples or some other crazy thing like that). And Toto the prawn with the Mexican accent. Wow. It was amazing. We (Balin, Jasmin, Emma) told Greg (Tin Man) about it at rehearsal, because the moment we saw him this morning we all fell to the ground laughing.

The night finally ended around 4:00. We tend to do that a lot. Emma, Jasmin, Balin, and I were the only ones actually sleeping over (Emma because she lives there). Mary, Shannon, Samantha, and Miranda went home. Alaia and Carissa went upstairs to sleep in their own beds. So, the Fab 4 of us giggled and hooted with laughter about "Jeetair Boogs" and bugly seizures onstage and poking our hair straight up to make antennas and boys and more Jeetair Boogs. Twas worthwhile.

Nights at Carissa's are amazing. They're just the most fantabularifical thing in the whole world.


SandyCarlson said...

I really enjoy your posts!

spider said...

It sounds like you had a great time. :D