Monday, August 10, 2009


I am. 'Cause I didn't realize that all college teachers are different and make up their own rules. My Health professor decided that his class would end five days before the end of the semester, so all of the quizzes, tests, and assignments were due last night. Meaning I pretty much failed the class.

Now that you're all worried-ha. Yes, the stuff is all due, but I wrote him an email asking for the criteria to get an "I" in the course, and he responded saying "I don't give 'I's, so just finish the tests and quizzes and take the final." Score! Thank you, mom, for telling me to email him. I'll still probably end up with a B at the most, if I get 150/200 on the final. I'm so stupid.

Do any of you find me annoying? Or rude? Or something else like that? Let me know so I can fix it.

My family and I (excluding dad-he's on another business trip) drove up Provo Canyon today to go on a "picinica". I used to say that when I was little, and now my mom uses it. We had a lovely chicken and grape pasta salad, and I messed around with my camera. Misty had fun lying in the grass. She has exploded, seriously. I can't figure it out, but she's taller, longer, and just bigger. It's so weird. We all thought she'd stopped growing. Now this little white monster dog is running around the house, tripping on her spindly legs. While we were eating she sprawled and turned her nose up at her own dinner. Word to the wise-never feed a Maltese, even a half Maltese, people food because she will never eat her own again.

There were a lot of family groups at the canyon park. Each was at least three generations-grandparents, parents, and children. Two of these families collided when a small girl hurled a large flying disc with all of her might, and it landed in the other family's fire pit. The grandma of the second family let out an "uh-WHA!" and began kicking the disc to get it out of the flames. The small girl began to cry, and was given a few Starbursts from the grandma and the teenage boy of the second family. I tried not to laugh for the little girl's sake, but it was funny.

The only problem with the campfires is that now I smell like woodsmoke. It takes so long for me to get it out of my hair. Like from Girl's Camp-THREE DAYS!!! AND I washed it three times each of those days. NINE times before my hair was back to normal. That's the trouble with some good things. It's good while it's happening, but sometimes the lingering effects are a little bit annoying. Break out the shampoo, people!

Dessert was from Macey's-individual pints of ice cream. Yes, I can eat one in a single sitting, and yes, I know I shouldn't. At least it wasn't a quart, right? All in all it was a fun evening. Now I just have to finish five more chapters for this Health class. I'm so stupid! Perhaps I'll learn something from this, like make a schedule so I know when stuff is due. That might be a good idea.

Maybe I can learn how not to be stupid. Is there a "How Not To Be Stupid for Dummies" out there yet? Someone write it so I can have it on my bedside table. It would probably get more use than any book I've ever read.


Anonymous said...

Had fun reading your post..can't imagine who would ever find you annoying or rude..I think you are really funny :)

And yes I want to read that 'Learn how Not to be stupid' too :P

Q said...

You not stupid or rude or annoying. At least, no more so than I am.

Your hair must absorb smells. I don't think mine does, but I have a horrid sense of smell so I probably wouldn't notice if mine did.

Margaret said...

You know, I teach at a university, and I don't think I would be able to get away with what your professor did. You might want to discretely ask the department chair about this because that is pretty egregious behavior.

Strawberry Girl said...

haha, if that book is out there I would like to read it! ;D

and no I don't find you stupid or annoying or rude!

Plus, dang those adjunct teachers!! I am assuming UVU... I hate it when they pull stunts like that. It's not your fault, it is the teachers. Funny, I took health twice once because I should of, the next time because I somehow ended up in it and decided that it was easier to retake it (and get a better grade) than take something else that would be hard. So, uh, I have lots of experience with health, yippie doddle dandy!!


(oh and do ask the department chair, it is not fair to have that happen to you)

SandyCarlson said...

Picnics including a few generations of a family must be nice. We don't see much of that around here. It's so important to take the time.

I have taught college as well as middle school. At the college level, students who make honest mistakes always do well to just say so and be polite about it. I think that most profs just want to see students do well within a framework that makes the course fair for everyone. I am glad you got it done!

Char said...

sorry about the class - that sounds very harsh

spider said...

No, you're not annoying or rude or anything.

I actually like the smell of woodsmoke. Though it does wash out of my hair after only one wash. Nine is a little extreme.

Maybe you should write "How Not To Be Stupid for Dummies". You'd probably have a pretty big audience. I know I'd get it.

McGillicutty said...

Morning, Georgie... my Lord don't ever admit to being stupid, not a bit! Even if you feel a little unprepared sometimes it's not because you're stupid.... and you're not annoying or rude either! Take it from me, you're a little breath of fresh air!!!
Chin up girlie!!!
shih tzu's like people food too!!!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

You guys are all way cool. Perhaps I will write that book. ;)