Saturday, November 7, 2009

epic friday nights...

I pretty much love Noelle and Zach, and my new friend Kaitlyn. She goes to school with my two friends, and is really close to Noelle. She's another super good friend all ready who I feel like I've known for not forever but for longer than tonight.

It started out at Noelle's house after stopping at Wal-Mart with mom and my sisters to pick up some popsicles. Last night when I was Facebooking Noelle she said, "I want a popsicle." I said, "Okay. What are you doing tomorrow night?" She didn't really connect the two thoughts, and so when I showed up at her door with a box of fruit bars she declared me to be her "favorite and three quarters, which means I love you more than Zach!" Not really, because no one could love me more than Zach, and especially not Noelle, but I'm still her favorite and three quarters. Tee hee.

When we were in the basement of her house, Noelle was talking to Zach online. She told me I could say hello, then told me that I would have to eat dinner in order to be allowed to hang out with an epic someone. I was confused as to who this epic someone could be, and declined the invitation to eat dinner (i hate eating in front of people; it's even hard at home with my family sometimes). She said if I didn't eat dinner then I wouldn't be allowed to leave the table and this epic someone would have to stay far away. I asked who this epic someone was, and she just told me to eat my macaroni and cheese. That's when I figured out who the epic someone was. I'm so slow. DUH it was Zach!

Kaitlyn, Noelle's other best friend and orchestra buddy, picked us up to go over to Zach's. When we got there, he was having a bonfire with his little brothers. I also got to see his older brother, Brenden! I haven't seen that kid (well, not kid, really) in so long! He played the Scarecrow in Oz, and he's one of my dear friends. We talked for awhile, and then went back to Noelle's house for another half-bonfire thing in her yard. And popsicles. Yay for popsicles.

Those three are seriously amazing. Even though I found out that the idea of someone that I've been dreading and hoping wouldn't happen now has a name (aka the girl zach totally likes and who likes him back), the night was still amazing. I think the hardest part was when he told me that he loves me out loud. It's even more different than in writing out the words through an email. I was all ready feeling kind of sad because of this "amazing, wonderful, adorable ----" (which he used to describe me as, but with more letters in my name). Then when we discussed this "problem" that I've been having, he pretty much destroyed me. He put both hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eyes, and said "You're stronger than this, Georgie. I know you are. And know this: I love you so much. No matter what. I love you."

I'm going to have to figure out how to be happy with this sort of love, when it's something else that I'm wishing for. My life was a lot less complicated before Zach became my best friend. Ah, well. He's a great person. Oblivious, but still great.

I love Noelle! She's so awesome. And I love Kaitlyn, and can't wait to get to know her better. I bought Noelle and Kaitlyn their Christmas presents today! I'm so excited. Zach's came in the mail today as well, and it's the freaking coolest fedora ever. He mentioned that he wanted one "someday", and I tried to get it for his birthday. Not to be; it was on back order. I know what that is now because of my current job, and it's really aggravating. BUT! It came today. I don't know if I can wait until Christmas to give it to him; maybe at Thanksgiving, like Noelle suggested. "It's the half-way point between his birthday and Christmas, so it's perfect!" It really is the halfway point, actually. That's funny.

Oh, a lady who used to live in my ward (see any other "church" tagged posts for an explanation) a LONG time ago visited my house today! I only ever get to talk to her through Facebook, and it was so awesome to see her. She's a great lady, and I love her.

All in all, an epic Friday.

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cuileann said...

It makes my heart lighten that you have friends like this.