Sunday, November 8, 2009

how to succeed in business without really trying...

I can't say much for the script of this play, but it does win the prize for longest name ever. I will tell you what happened:

So, my amazing friends Belen, Jaz, Candace, and Megan were all in "The Wizard of Oz" with me this past summer. Since they all go to the same high school, they were also in PHS's production of the aforementioned play (i am too lazy to type out that ridiculously long name again [though the explanation of why is much longer...oh well]). My family, along with some other Ozian friends, went to see it last night.

Belen was the female lead, playing Rosemary. She was fabulous! Her characterizations were amazing, her voice is gorgeous, she's a fantastic dancer, and she's beautiful. I'm so proud to have a friend like her. I love that girl.

Jaz, Belen's little sister, was in the chorus. She has such amazing stage presence that my eye kept going to her during the big numbers. She's a great little dancer, and full of character even when in a small role. She's another girl that I love to death.

Candace played the female not really antagonist but not protagonist either. She was the office "beauty", Miss Hedy La Rue, employed by the big boss because of their little affair. Candace was so funny! She totally played up the Bronx blonde, complete with the nail file. I loved the number where she sang...with total accent. It was absolutely hilarious. Love her!

Megan is the one who I've known before Oz but not really well. Her mom, Dawn, was in "CATS" with me three (almost four?!?) years ago. Megan played Miss Jones, secretary to the big boss. When she found out that my family and I were coming, she looked SO nervous and said, "Oh, no! That's amazing and I'm going to totally screw up!" Thanks for that, Megs. Lol. She was fantastic. In the second to last number in the show, her character literally lets her hair down and totally does a scat number (shoobiedoodatdatdatdattilyadad!!! like that kind of thing). She was brilliant! Meg is adorable.

The show itself was all right. The pacing was really slow. And some of the direction was, well, not so great. friends were fabulous. And I'm not just saying that because they're my friends. It's because, well, they really were fabulous.

Other people I got to see: Jaden (my little "brother") and his sister, Samantha. Greg, our lovely Tin Man. Funny story about that-when I was standing next to him, I realized that he looked a lot less wide than he had the last time I saw him. Then I remembered-he isn't actually SHAPED like the Tin Man. The thing was just a costume. Duh! Kind of one of those "you had to be there" moments, but it was funny. Necia was there, Amanda's flying monkey buddy. Megan's family, of course, and then, so weird, Devin! He played Louis in "The King and I" EIGHT YEARS ago! It was SOOOO weird, because I recognized him from Facebook (gotta love facebook) and then realized how HUGE he is! He's so tall! And no longer skinny; he's totally built. It was the freakiest thing ever. It's funny how a little time will change people so much. I'm so glad we got to see him, and all of our other friends.

(pssst...secret? he's way cute)

I think the only sad things about the whole reunion was when we had to leave and the fact that some other people couldn't come. Like Misty, who the girls asked about. And Zach, who's still grounded. And Brenden, who was working. And a ton of other people who are so busy. EVERYONE is so busy. Heck, I'm busy. That's life, isn't it? We might be having another Pirate Island Adventure this week, but I'm not sure. Cross your fingers!!! :D


Mom sang in church today. It was amazing. :)

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Sounds like fun! I am starved for a good play about right now...