Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i think something happened...

I think someone was praying for me today. Several things happened to make me think that.

  1. Seminary was even more amazing than usual. And I realized that I have a lot of friends in that class. Last term I really didn't; I think that's why I never really wanted to go. This term I feel wanted and welcome.
  2. I left my Meteorology exam in tears after leaving the last four questions blank. I had no idea what it was talking about. I was seriously on my way home to...well...cry some more. Then I noticed the lyrics of the song playing on the radio. It was my name in the lyrics, and basically saying not to worry and to smile and to remember that people love you. I stopped crying and realized that not only would breaking down cause me to drive off the road but there was no need to. A lot of other people have failed tests before, and they're still happy. It's not the end of the world.
  3. Proud owner of an A Cappella choir t-shirt, complete with ACDA on the bottom to show off our convention performance status. So excited!
  4. Mrs. Mathews has asked me to "solo" with a couple of other 1st sopranos on the highest notes in one of the numbers. I never thought she'd ask me to do that. It shows great confidence in my abilities. Wow.
  5. No one was rude or impatient at work today. Everyone treated me really nicely. Even my co-workers gave me some slack. Of course, Paul teased and so did Scott, but it was all in fun. I was glad to kind of relax and just be able to laugh at nothing.
  6. My sisters and I didn't fight while doing the dishes. That never, ever, EVER happens. Maybe I should check to see if the moon is blue tonight.
  7. I understood my math homework. That doesn't make sense. But it did.
  8. The secretaries in the Guidance and Administration Offices totally helped me get my Reflections submission ready. They were really helpful, and were so kind. One of them gave me a candy bar because I looked "a little lonely". Aw.
  9. The car started with no problems, there was hardly any frost on the windows, the day was warm and sunny, and the temperature in the car/at school was perfect.
  10. Mom hasn't been mad at me all day.
I really do think there was some extra help today. I always thought it was totally cliche to say "I feel your prayers", but I think it might be true. I think the help came not just from my own prayers and hopes but from outside sources. I'm really grateful for it. It helped me to stay strong when I wanted to collapse.

Oh. And did I mention? He told me that he loves me.


that girl said...

Dear, I pray for you all the time. Perhaps they've been building up and decided to break forth today.

Coleman said...

We love you and you are amazing.

P.S. YAYYY! I knew he loved ya'!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

that girl: Thanks, love. (((hugs)))

Coleman: Thanks, buddy. You're awesome, too. And...you did? 'Cause I didn't. Lol.

Tiana ba Llama said...

I'm glad you had a good day, even if this particular day was quite a while ago... I've fallen a little behind. ;) Haha I like how you said "I understood my math homework. That doesn't make sense." And your "solo" part? Yeah. That comes from sitting on the second row. It's where all the cool people sit, and you're just cool like that. :)