Monday, November 16, 2009

sadie hawkins 2009...

This was probably the best dance I've ever been to. I'm not even kidding-I have never had more fun at a dance before. It wasn't because of the music or the decorations. It wasn't even because of the awesome costumes that everyone had. No, it was because of my freaking amazing date, Jason.

Yes, Jason is amazing. He is absolutely CRAZY, and in a good way. I mean, for crying out loud, anyone who knows who Zuko is and freaks out because he's so excited over the idea as dressing up like "Avatar" characters is pretty cool in my book. Since the theme for the dance this year was "Comic Book Crazy" the two of us were having a hard time coming up with anything that someone else might not have all ready thought of. Jason suggested something from anime, and I mentioned "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Enter freak out mode, and Zu-tara costumes being the focus of the discussion. Zuko and Katara aren't really comic book characters, but they're still amazing.

I think the best part about dressing up as Katara and Zuko was how much Jason liked my "hair loopies". He kept playing with them when we were talking, and when we'd dance together he'd twist them around his finger and get all excited. He also loved the waterbending and firebending toys I found, aka Chinese yo-yos in orange, red, and blue.

Okay, I'm cutting this post short because I'm so exhausted. It's been a bad day-13 hours of sleep and I still feel absolutely sick. This is kind of not fun, especially since I've got some exams, a choir performance, my friend Zach's play to go see, Jason's play to go see (he's playing Nicely Nicely in "Guys and Dolls" at my high school and asked me to come and see it), work, choir practice...ugh. Bad week to get sick. There really is so much more to share! But I think I need to get to bed. Like, right now.

So, good night! I'll tell more tomorrow! :D


chicamom85 said...

I am glad you had fun at the dance, now go and get some rest.

Anne and Sasha

Char said...

so glad you had a great time

Coleman said...

Glad you had fun! :D