Monday, November 9, 2009


I've been feeling strangely happy ALL day long. It started last night around 10:30, and it hasn't stopped. It's seriously way weird. There's just this happy, bubbly, giggly feeling that won't leave me alone. It's starting to make me mad.

Lol, not really. But I would like to know WHY I feel so...up. Hm...

...possible reasons...

  1. I talked to Jason about what we're dressing up as for Sadie's. Can you say...Avatar? :D More details later on.
  2. Two choir classes in one day. Heaven.
  3. No homework!
  4. Pretty much everything on my day's "To Do" list is crossed off.
  5. Wonderful (though if i try hard enough it could be a slightly depressing) dream.
  6. Taking pictures of my puppy in the backyard.
  7. Taking pictures!
  8. Chatting with my little "brother", Jaden, and my amazing friend Joi.
  9. "Betelehemu" rehearsal in choir with Brad. I love having him direct. He's awesome! He's the one I'm doing a duet with in Ariosa. Guess what it is? "Papagena/o". O.o Can you say difficult?
  10. Kit Kats.
I'm thinking it's the Kit Kats. Haha. Lol!


chicamom85 said...

No matter what the reason, I am glad you are happy.

Anne and Sasha

Woman in a Window said...

Puppy? Did you say puppy? Well, the KitKats didn't hurt, I'm sure, but the puppy sure would help.