Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am grateful for a friend who, upon finding out that I hadn't been asked to the Institute dance on Friday, offered to take me even though dancing isn't really his thing.

I am grateful for coworkers who never cease to make me laugh, and not just at their jokes. They are teaching me to laugh at myself.

I am grateful for the loyal, kind, sincere women in my life who are and are becoming the best friends I have ever (and probably will ever) have.

I am grateful for the lessons I learn from the children I am privileged to associate with, and for the love that they give without question or hesitation.

I am grateful for a friend who let me call him on the phone just to have his company because I ended up not being able to talk at all through the tears.

I am grateful for missionary friends who take the time out of their busy, busy, busy lives to write me a letter.

I am grateful for a dad who rearranges his entire day's schedule to take me to a movie with him.

I am grateful for a teacher who knows that there are more important things than singing well; the most important thing is to live well.

I am grateful for a mom who has continually given up her schooling to take care of her family, but she never gave up enough to not go back (she'll earn her degree in a year and a half).

I am grateful for a little dog who wakes me up every morning at 8am by scratching on my bedroom door because she doesn't want to be alone after everyone else has left for work and school, then jumps up onto my bed and cuddles up next to me.

I am grateful for sisters who do their best to be their best in every situation or setting they are found in, be it work, school, rehearsal, church, home, or hanging out with their friends.

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