Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am grateful for friends who...

say hello when they see me coming towards them,
sincerely ask me if I'm doing alright,
provide advice that I might not want to hear even though I need to,
dry my tears,
appreciate that I really am trying my best,
convince me to hang out with them after choir,
wrap me up with them in their jackets when I'm freezing cold,
make me laugh and smile like a maniac with their crazy and silly antics,
nearly tickle me to death while eating lunch at Taco Bell,
share their nachos,
think it's cute and not crazy that I talk to puppies and kittens like I do people,
find my amateur knowledge of betta fish interesting and not nerdy,
smile when I buy special gems for Leonardo's tank,
giggle with me about Captain America,
attack one another with hugs and squeals instead of just saying hello,
scope out the current crush scene,
wait with me to make sure I have a ride,
give wonderful hugs,
encourage me in my goals and dreams,
talk about everything and nothing all at the same time,
apologize for their mistakes and forgive me for mine,
offer to help me get my dress altered for choir,
swap nerdy facts,
call me to share their good news and happiness,
continually inspire me to be better by watching the way they each live.

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