Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am grateful for coworkers who make me laugh, encourage me in my work, thank me when I do something right, and gently correct me when I make a mistake. I am so glad to know that they care about me and that they are real friends, not just people who I run a store with.

I am grateful for friends who always see the positive side to life, and who remind me that I am worth something.

I am grateful for the space heater my parents gave me, the electric blanket that the Raddatz family gave me, and the various blankets that I've acquired over the years to put on my bed.

I am grateful for teachers who care more about getting the spirit of the message across than making sure that we students know how smart they are.

I am grateful for the many resources that give me access to the words of prophets, past and present. I am also grateful to whomever invented the highlighter.

I am grateful for music of all styles and genres. There is a song for everything--every emotion, experience, dream, every everything. Music is an expression of life.

I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have to learn, grow, experience, and become.

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