Monday, December 12, 2011


To Do:
1. Print off list of books and materials needed for next semester
2. Print off schedule with building and room numbers
3. Go to BYU and
  • purchase books/materials
  • pay remaning tuition
  • provide proof of insurance (first figure out what that means)
  • purchase parking pass
  • find buildings and classrooms

  • 4. Scrub kitchen
    5. Make cake bites and freeze for next week
    6. Clean front room
    7. Put up Christmas tree/decorations
    8. Re-memorize lines for tonight's Scera Home for the Holidays concert
    9. Re-memorize lines for Christmas show tomorrow since I messed them up last night
    10. Christmas cards/LDC gifts
    11. Make gifts for Primary students

    I have time to do this. I have money, too. I have motivation...ha. No, not really.


    Q said...

    Proof of insurance means proving to them that you have health insurance, I think. I have to opt out of my school's program because I'm already covered by my parents. No need to pay for insurance twice!

    Tiana ba Llama said...

    #5 is my favorite on your list. YUM.
    Also, I'm excited for you to come to my school! :D The buildings aren't that difficult to find, you'll be fine. :)