Thursday, October 7, 2010

hospital anyone?

Yesterday my sister was put in the hospital. She's been really sick for a couple of weeks, and a viral infection turned into pneumonia which turned into a stay in the hospital. I'm actually sitting with her right now listening to her sing songs from "High School Musical", which is funny because last time I checked she dislikes "High School Musical". I take it she's bored and I should probably be talking to her instead of posting this, BUT...this is hour number 5. She's not talking to me anyways...she likes singing.

Hospitals are interesting places. Happy things take place here. Sad things take place here. People laugh. People cry. People are born. And people die. That rhyme was unintentional. You get the point. Anyway, as I've been sitting here I'm realizing that hospitals are very complex settings. So many different events take place here. So many different experiences. While one couple is exclaiming over their perfect new baby, another couple could be suddenly faced with the fact that their long awaited little one will never come home. One person could be tenderly helping their soul mate into the car, while another might be saying good-bye for the last time. It's all so fascinating to me, this idea that so many lives are being lived while we are so very unaware of one another.

In this world we're so connected-Facebook, blogging, cell phones, email-we're so very much involved with one another. And yet, there are still so many strangers. How do we affect other people? How are we affected by others? How do all of the unintentional connections affect us, like when you make eye contact with a stranger in the hallway? That happened to me downstairs; a woman and I made eye contact as I was going in the elevator and she was coming out. She was sad, yet she smiled at me. I was sad, yet I smiled at her. Did we help each other? Despite our backgrounds and personal struggles, did we perhaps make one another stronger for just a little while?

Then again I could be crazy...good night.


Q said...

No, this is poignant.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Gracias, Q.

COLEMAN said...

Yes, I am sure you helped that lady in the hallway. Tell your sister that we are praying for her. We love you guys.