Wednesday, October 20, 2010

quotes from college...

As some of you may know, I started my first official semester of college this fall. Some days I can shout out "I LOVE college!!" Other days...last night, I threw a book onto the floor, stormed out of the room, and in a voice that shocked me yelled, "GAH I AM SO DONE!!!"

So yes. Some days I love college. Other days...I don't hate it but...yeah. Yeah, I hate it.

There are a lot of funny people in college. People say weird things and do weird things and I save the quotes as drafts on my phone. I look at them when I need to laugh or want to remember. Not everything is weird; some things are quite thought provoking. But some things...weird. Like this one: "Some people don't benefit from general ed because their brains aren't mature." -random professor in the hallway.

That one made me stop and inwardly go HUH???

Some from my math teacher: "I am not an advocate of self-restraint" after saying "One time I danced in the middle of the road in my grandpa pajamas because I was confused." Yeah...that was a long story. And this one: "Who likes math in here? Nobody? Surprise!!"

This one is funny to me: "College is concentrated weirdness." -a boy in my choir class

Then this: "When your wife yells at you and says 'You are SO stupid! Why are you so dumb?!' DON'T argue with her. Just agree and say, 'Yes, dear, I know I'm dumb. I'm sorry I'm stupid.' It will save you a lot of problems." That one from my religion teacher.

Speaking of marriage: "Archaeologists never get tired of their wives because the older the women get, the more interested the men become." He also said: "We teach history because we need a job." I'm just going to put it out history teacher? He's a weird dude.

I've got lots more quotes from college I could share. The only problem is that my backpack is downstairs with all of my notebooks in it, and my phone quotes are all ready posted. Perhaps I can share others another day, if you're interested.

College...big sigh.

PS A quote from me: Yesterday I was studying in the Institute building (aka the religion building) and some of the people in my choir class came and sat by me. I had my phone out, and one of the guys said "Hey, I like your phone! What service do you have?"

Now imagine my young self curled up in a big blue armchair, textbook open on my lap, legs propped up on the table, definitely looking very young with her phone out. My curled up, comfy, tired self responds, "I have Cricket. Like the bug."

Well. At least everyone laughed.


SandyCarlson said...

Your reflections on college bring back memories. I had a lot of "all about me profs" but more than enough generous, giving thinkers who loved to teach. Thank God for them. But there was one guy....I kept a notebook of all the words he invented. There was more in that one than in the one in which he was supposed to have said something worthy of (my) printed word.

Woman in a Window said...

I like weird. I was not nearly weird enough in university. I'd do it better now if I had the chance:)