Thursday, October 28, 2010


Wow. I kind of feel like dying right now. Honestly-I'm doing a pretty good job of it unintentionally all ready.

I'm not understanding a lot of my homework assignments, and when I ask teachers for clarification I just get more confused. The computer program at work is all messed up, so it makes my job take twice as long to complete. Not to mention people don't do their jobs on time so that means more work for me to go in and fix things.

The biggest stress is my constant feeling of "I don't care anymore." There's a pattern that I've noticed: August comes around and I'm super happy. September hits and I start to slide into lack of energy. October rolls around, and by the end of it I don't care about anything and I seriously consider giving up. November is just more of the same.

So stress...yeah. It's great. Stupid kid I am. I'll grow up one of these days. I hope.

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