Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 honest to goodness facts about moi...

Write ten honest things about yourself, then tag a few other bloggers whose blogs you really like.

1. I'm sitting in Study Hall.

2. I hate Study Hall.

3. I like to write with orange pens. But not blue. I really detest blue ink.

4. My current love: heart flair on Facebook.

5. I have to give a presentation today and I really, really don't want to because I just KNOW that someone in my class is going to make fun of me the entire time without stopping. My friend (sitting next to me) suggested that I give him the Glare of Death during the presentation. I think I will. 'Cause he deserves it, fool.

6. I randomly get chills.

7. I don't believe in ghosts, but I like to write about them.

8. I need extra credit in AP US History (APUSH), and Parent Teacher Conferences are tomorrow and I'm failing five of my seven classes. Oy.

9. I probably should have put foundation on today, because I have large black circles under my eyes. It looks like somebody punched me, but really I was up late staring at the ceiling. My one consolation: my apple tree is notorious for cat fights underneath it. I got tired of listening to the yowling, spitting, screeching noise, so I sneaked out of my bedroom window really quietly (no screen), crept up behind them, and yowled. Both cats screamed and took off like bullets. Very funny.

10. I have an idea for a short story, but actually sitting down to write it is hard.

'Tis moi.

I tag nobody, because I still can't figure it out. :)


J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ totally cool posting picture!

Q said...

To tag people, you just put their name hyperlinked to their blog at the end of the meme. Usually you comment on their blog to tell them you tagged them, but I kind of forgot to do that for mine.

cuileann said...

6 and 7 sound related.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

J.N.: :D

Q: Am I just dumb? 'Cause I still don't get it. Maybe you could show me sometime.

Cuileann: Now that you mention it, I agree. :)

Q said...

You know how your name was at the bottom of the post where I tagged you? And how if you click it, it goes to your blog? That's hyperlinking. I <3 hyperlinks.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Aack! You're failing 5 out of 7 classes? Since you're in APUSH I'm presuming it's because of an overwhelming lack of interest on your part--certainly not lack of ability.

Sorry--I was a teacher before I got pregnant and turned writer/artist/farmer. So, right now, sirens are sounding in my brain...

What's your district's attitude on credits amassed versus classes failed? If you're a Senior you may have better wiggle room... Aaaaargh!

What's your game plan? Heck, what are your college plans? You have my email...

Now worried,

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Q: Gracias! Hopefully I'll get it now. :)

Saoirse: Failing no longer! I've got As and a B. And I actually love History, it's just the hardest class I've ever taken in my entire life. Plus I've missed seven class periods this term in all of my classes due to illness. Winter is not fun. 45 degrees today made me so happy!