Friday, February 27, 2009

anxiously engaqed...

In mostly nothing. You could say that I skipped school today, but since it's because I'm ill again there is a legit excuse. I do have to go take the last half of a science test at 1:15, though. I'll probably fail-I can't do the math parts.

The mostly nothing, however, has to do with.......... reading books! Which is a good nothing, seeing as I'd rather be doing that than a powerpoint on Basco, Spain for Spanish. So I've been reading a couple of books. I started the first book in The 13th Reality series during Study Hall yesterday.It's called The Journal of Curious Letters. I have to thank James Dashner for coming up with that brain child because I absolutely LOVE it. Can't wait to read the next one. I wanted to just read the book straight through, because I kept getting stopped in class while reading a clue and losing my train of thought. Grrr. I had to wait until after mutual to start reading it again, and I finished it around three in the morning (hey, I couldn't sleep whatsoever, so I did my laundry and read).

The one I started a couple of days ago is called Cybele's Secret. It's the sequel/companion novel to Wildwood Dancing, and I love both of them. They're super good, and I love the main characters. I didn't like Paula very much in Wildwood Dancing, but as the main character in the sequel you get to know her better. She kind of reminds me of myself, sometimes. Only bolder.

SNM last night was amazing. I helped teach the lesson, which was on learning to be a missionary. We got to taste all sorts of different foods. I was the only one who liked goat cheese, which tastes like a stronger type of cream cheese, and no one liked the coconut water. Weird stuff, that drink. Karob (karob? carob? dunno) was bitter, and the danishes were sweet. All in all, it was good. We also painted wind chimes for the craft activity. Mine's purple, white, and green, all mixed together (nicely) to look sort of like a storm. Well, to me it does. If I ever get a camera for my mom (remember I broke hers), I'll post a picture to show you.

I love SNM. It's seriously the best thing that's ever happened to me. And I love The 13th Reality. And Cybele's Secret. And Wildwood Dancing. I guess I'm anxiously engaged in loving things. :)

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