Saturday, February 28, 2009

*sighness much*...

Saw Twilight again today. I was hesitant to see it a second time, because I really didn't think it was a good enough movie to watch twice in the theaters.

Well, I was wrong. I still find it shallow and some parts are slow, but I enjoyed it a lot. I miss the conversations and the self-doubt that Bella has about herself (how she points out her obvious flaws to Edward when she wonders why he likes her, and he counters them with the strengths that he loves), and I wish it had been more about the real love that they have instead of lust. Ah well. Real love doesn't sell; it all has to be superficial and "exciting."

Popcorn and drinks are SO EXPENSIVE!!! When the total came up for a water bottle and a small popcorn ($9.50!!! Eeek!) my jaw dropped. I have obviously not been to a movie in a very long time. There goes the rest of my play money for the month. At least I ordered my 13th Reality books before today.

And just for the record, Barrack Obama is a liar. (And don't tell me to shut my yaptrap, because as far as I know I still have freedom of speech and press, which is given to me under the Constitution and the first ammendment of the Bill of Rights. The bomb getting rid of that has not been dropped. Yet.) Reducing abortion has turned into getting rid of the law which protects doctors who refuse to do abortions due to their religious/personal beliefs. If the law passes (more like when), the doctors can then be sued by patients if they refuse to perform an abortion. Know what that means? I'll tell ya, then.

Over 600 Catholic run hospitals will close because they will not perform abortions (I looked it up). Which means that all of those people will have to find somewhere else to get their medical help, which means that they will turn to the government for health care. And with the government telling businesses (yes, hospitals are business) what to do, you no longer have capitalism. If you follow this train of thought further, by logical reasoning you can only come up with something like this: communism.

Unless of course I'm a completely stupid out-of-the-loop ignoramus, which I highly doubt, this is NOT a good thing. See what you voted for? *sigh* I wish things had turned out differently. Pray that things will work out. I know that D&C 122 says that "all things shall be for your good" or something like that, but still. How much bad do we have to face until the good comes out?

I'm done now. I don't know how I went from Twilight to abortion, but it happened. And my hands are freezing cold, so I think I'll stop typing now. Which I said up there. Dang it. I'm redundant.


Q said...

Okay, that law is just wrong. No one should be forced to go against their personal beliefs because they aren't the "right" ones. That is wrong.

Coleman said...

i totally agree with you!!!! i think its just awful that abortion is legal. But I am glad that we have freedom of speech:)


Georgie K. Buttons said...

Q: Totally.

Coleman: I'm happy about that too. :) I just we'll be allowed to use it to speak out against things that are wrong.